Apia Foojin' Z Flow Striker 93M (2.80m, Max. 35g)
  • Μοντέλο: Apia Foojin' Z Flow Striker 93M
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Foojin’ Apia Foojin' Z is definitely the most advanced seabass rod in Japan. Appling 4 strand "Quatro Blanks" from the tip to the grip, the blank has more power and sharpness without over weighted. In addition, Daiwa's feather light carbon frame guides are installed. As a result, sensitivity is incredibly increased and the rod weight is decreased. Apia Foojin' Z is one for the most dedicated seabass anglers.



-Model: Apia Foojin' Z Apia Foojin' Z Flow Striker (2.80m, Max. 35g)
-Length: 2.80m
-Weight: 167g
-Lure Weight: Max 35g
-Line: Max 2PE
-Reel Seat: Fuji VSS | Power: | Action:

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