Apia Foojin' AD Vancoor 92H (2.87m, 12 - 56g)
  • Μοντέλο: Apia Foojin' AD Vancoor 92H
  • Βάρος αποστολής: 1Kgr
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Foojin’ AD Vancoor 92H is produced to catch meter+ seabass and Akame (Japanese Barramundi). Apia’s W. C. W (Double Cross Wrapping) 4-strand blank doesn’t allow blank’s torsion when you cast. As a result, the Vancoor 92H got both motion and casting performance in the highest level. Foojin’ AD Angel Shooter 93MLX is designed by Michihiro Matsuo who is the most dedicated angler who aims to M+ seabass and Akame.



-Model: Apia Foojin' AD Vancoor 92H (2.87m, 12 - 56g)
-Length: 2.87m
-Weight: 211g
-Lure Weight: Max 50g
-Line: Max 3PE
-Reel Seat: Fuji DPS-KN (Up Lock)

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