Apia Foojin' AD Metro Night 86LX (2.60m, 5 - 28g)
  • Μοντέλο: Apia Foojin' AD Neon Night 86LX
  • Βάρος αποστολής: 1Kgr
  • 2 Τεμάχια σε στοκ
  • Κατασκευάστηκε από: APIA


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Foojin' AD Neon Night is the 3rd generation of the Neon Night history. The Neon Night has been the most trusted rod by Tokyo Bay seabass anglers. In fact, the 1st Neon Night made revolution for seabass spinning rods. It can be said that today's fast and crispy rods are based on the Neon Night. If you want to upgrade yourself to the next level, the Neon Night is the definitely the one you have to choose.



-Model: Apia Foojin' AD Neon Night 85LX (2.60m, 5 - 28g)
-Length: 2.60m
-Lure Weight: 5 - 28g
-Line: Max 1.5PE
-Reel Seat: Fuji IPS-KN (Up Lock)


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