Daiwa New CERTATE 2013

Daiwa 2013 Certate 2510PE-H
  • Μοντέλο: CERTATE 2510PEH
  • Βάρος αποστολής: 0.5Kgr
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  • Κατασκευάστηκε από: Shimano


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All New 2013 Certate is the very smooth, tough and light-weight spinning reel, with long life and high reliability. It has sturdy aluminum alloy body, over-sized extra duralumin master gear, the innovative Magnetic Seal system (Magseal) at the line roller and the main shaft, salt-resistant ball bearings and etc, to offer the most reliable spinning reel to all anglers on any kind of water.
The Magseal, the combination of magnetic oil and ring magnet, is very effective to protect mechanicals dry, without adding any dragging. With the Magseal, gear problems are significantly reduced, and gear life is improved by 150% than regular grease seal models. At the line rollers, bearing noise problems were eliminated by 90%. These two parts are the bottle neck of spinning reels, and Magseal is the real innovation for long life of spinning reels.
The super light weight Air Rotor make it cranks much lighter than other spinning reels. It reduces 25% of innertia from rotor. This is the most reliable arsenal spinning reel among 1000-4000 sized spinning reels in market.
-Precision aluminum alloy frame
-Zaion carbon Air Rotor
-Over sized extra strong duralumin master gear
-Air bail wire, Twist buster 2
-Salt resistant CRBB bearings
-Rotor brake,
-Ultimate Tournament drag system

-Gear Ratio : 6.0 / Weight : 235 g
-Max Drag : 7/16 (kg)/(LB)
-Retrieve Ratio(cm/rev):90
-Nylon Line Capacity (lb/m) : 8/150 12/100
-PE Line Capacity (number-m) : PE1-200、PE1.5-150
-Bearing : 10/1 (S A-RB/ Roller)

Fine for saltwater fishing
1003, 2004CH, 2004 and 2506 has "I" shaped knob. H models have dark gun-metal spools.

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