Browning Xitan Cooler Bag

Browning Xitan Cooler Bag
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What should the perfect fishing bag look like? Light and budget friendly or a high quality finish even if it means a little more expense? True match anglers do not need long to think about the answer – and our test anglers were unanimous that the new range of Browning bags and holdalls should represent the ultimate in quality above all else. That is why we have only used the most robust Oxford nylon qualities with durable components such as buckles and eyes and extra strong zips.

Xitan Cooler Bag
Indispensable bag for carrying fresh bait to the water, in any kind of weather. Also useful for storing the angler’s food of course… Covered with foil for insulation. Takes up to 6 x 1-l bait boxes. Separate top section for separate storage of bloodworm and joker.

30 x 38 x 26 cm

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