Maria Duplex 80mm (31gr)

Maria Duplex is 80mm 31gr color:TBH
  • Μοντέλο: 00919TBH
  • Βάρος αποστολής: 0.5Kgr
  • 3 Τεμάχια σε στοκ


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The Maria Duplex weighs 31 grams and casts like a bullet unlike other minnow style lures that are typically light and hard to cast long distances. The Maria Duplex fishing lure due to its long casting abilities is great for pelagic species from the ocean rocks and beaches for species such as Bonito, Tailor, Salmon, Kingfish and Tuna species. The Maria Duplex fishing lure is also a magic trolling lure for the above mentioned species and in the estuaries the Duplex will certainly bring a few Flathead and trevally unstuck. The same weight that gives you that incredible casting distance also helps sink the lure down the water column to where the fish are biting allowing you to fish any depth you wish.The Maria Duplex fishing lure is fitted with quality terminal tackle and the finish on these lures are so life like itΆs no wonder they are so productive! This lure is a favourite amongst our own fishing tackle shop staff who regularly use this lure for high speed spinning from the rocks.

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